How Does Showami Pricing Work?


Showami's pricing structure is designed to be easy, transparent, and fair. The initiating agent can select the rate that they'd like to pay for each showing*: from $45 to $400.

This fee is typically based on several factors:

  • Notice | show agents may require a larger fee for short notice appointments
  • Location | the distance the showing agent will have to drive to reach the property
  • Time | showings taking place during rush hour, evenings, or holidays may need a higher price

Depending on the rate selected by the initiating agent, real estate showing agents can make between $28 and $367 per showing. Initiating agents also have the opportunity to tip after a showing has been completed, and the showing agent receives 97% of that payment (the remaining 3% covers our bank transaction fees).

* Showings are paid for individually.

Proposal Calculator

Our easy-to-use calculator helps agents understand fees and payouts.

1 Showing(s) x $50 $50
Tip + $10
Total $60
Showami Fee - $18.30
Showing Agent Earns $41.70
Showing agent with potential tenants

Showing Assistants can Submit Counter-proposals

Most showings do get picked up at the original rate. However, once a showing agent has received notification of a new showing, they can respond with a counter-proposal. By being able to negotiate, showing agents can ensure an appropriate fee for the showing.

The benefit of this feature for buyer's agents is that showings on short notice, in outlying areas, or at inconvenient times are more likely to be accepted if showing agents have some say over the fee that they'll receive. The initiating agent doesn't have to accept the counter-proposal but will have options to choose from rather than the showing not being accepted by any showing agents.