Inspection Access

The ability to get help opening the door to let an inspector in can be a huge time saver. Showami agents can meet an inspector at the property and get them access. There are a couple of details that we want to be clear about regarding opening the doors for inspectors.

Inspection Expectations

  • We expect the showing agent to remain at the property during the entire inspection unless you have permission in writing from the listing agent that it is okay to open the door for the inspector and leave.
  • How long is the showing agent expected to be at the property? The showing agent needs to be compensated properly for the time spent at the property with the inspector.
  • The showing agent needs to know who will be attending the inspection. Often the buyers also attend and we have seen contractors, other family members and multiple different inspectors at the inspections.
  • The showing agents are not to make any comments regarding the condition of the property or comment regarding anything that an inspector, vendor or client asks about.
  • The listing agent and buyers agents are the ones who are responsible to make sure that the utilities needed to inspect the property are connected.

Showami agent's only responsibility is to help inspectors have access to homes for inspections. They are specifically prohibited from conducting any inspections and cannot give an opinion regarding condition, location or value of the property.

Schedule Access to an Inspection

Showami Platinum, makes scheduling inspection access so easy! You'll have the ability to set a duration and set your expectation for the open house. Schedule an agent to open the door for your inspector today!