Why Showami is better than asking fellow agents for help with showings.

Asking for help from a fellow agent or posting a request on a company Facebook page isn’t the best solution to find help with showings.

The first obstacle is time. It takes time to text, call and post your request. You often have to request help from several agents in order to find somebody who can help. They may or may not get back to you in a timely manner. What do you do if several respond at once saying they can help? You have to tell the rest of the agents that you don’t need them. Awkward!!!

The agent who is willing might be in a different part of town than where the showing takes place. So you are asking that agent to drop what they are doing, drive halfway across town and back just to show your client.

Then there’s that awkward conversation about payment. How much are they being paid? Do you ask them how much it’s worth or do you make an offer and risk them being insulted? Are they doing it as a "favor" in hopes that you feel obligated to help them the next time they need help?

Because we know this is an awkward conversation we often don’t discuss exactly what they are doing if anything beyond opening the door. Are they giving an opinion of price, location or condition? Are they writing an offer for you? Are they going to ask for part of your commission if you sell the client the house that they showed? Do you have anything in writing to back up what you verbally agreed to?

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