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The Showing Agent Service

We aim to be your showing agent service. Our sleek platform makes it easier than ever to have showings conducted by other agents, when you're unavailable. Our easy to use system combined with thousands of agents and full US coverage is the very reason, we are the best showing agent service nationally.

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Our Story

Busy agent and Brokerage Owner, Matt Kuchar, was enjoying a typical day on the Colorado Ski slopes. When (while he was on a ski lift) he received a call from his client who wanted to see a home the very next day. He was faced with the dilemma of cutting his ski trip short a day or lose his client. So he did what any agent would do and began calling up agents in his brokerage. After trying to get his showing picked up by numerous agents. Finally someone did pick up the showing and was able to cover for him.

After Matt was done with the slopes, he sat down at a bar with a buddy and thought “There has to be a better way to get showings covered”. After further research, he wasn't able to find a company offering the services he desired. So, he began Showami in 2016.

Our Values

Agent safety comes first, we are continually making updates to our platform that are centered around keeping our agents safe. From knowing who they are meeting to eventually (permission based) location tracking. We make every effort to ensure that the agents on our platform are and feel safe when showing homes.

Next, we focus on protecting the potential client and their buyer's agent. We offer training courses to our showing agents, have them sign agreements and even text reminders to them on appropriate behaviors. In addition to all our precautions, we take every claim made by the buyer's agent very seriously and block agents from the platform if neccesary.

Finally, we value educating agents on our platform. We have always offered free courses to our agents and will continue to do so. In the spirit of educating our agents, we've begun partnerships with many coaches and will begin offering their training and wisdom to our agents.

Leadership Team

Matt Kuchar
Founder & CEO

Alex Brinkman
Director of Software Engineering

Josh Kuchar
Director of Marketing & Sales

Christina Terio
Administrative Assistant

Tom Reis
Software Engineer