Showami Client Portal

Let Your Clients Schedule Showings

Showami Platinum users can leverage the cleint portal for maximizing their time. Having your cleints schedule showings in Showami, you approve those showings, and possibly have someone else show the home. Is a huge time saver for any busy agent and their clients.

How Does the Client Portal Work?

At first, you invite your clients to create an account in the client portal. Once they have verified their information, they'll be able to submit requests through Showami. In the requests, you're clients will enter the time they would like to see the property and the location. This information is then sent over to you for review.

At this point you have the choice to either accept the showing request and allow another agent in the area to show them the home or deny the request and show the home yourself.

When should I use this feature?

  • When you operate in multiple states
  • When your clients are investors that frequently request showings
  • When you have repeat clients that request a lot of showings
  • When you know you're planning to outsource the majority of the showings for a particular client


  • Optimized showing request process for the client and the real estate agent
  • Less steps needed to create a showing, as an agent
  • Client can get access to homes quicker

Can my client pay for their own showings?

Yes! Clients have the option to enter a credit card and pay for showings that they create.

Set Up Your Client Portal

Make the process of home showing requests easier on everyone. Sign up for Platinum today and have your cleints scheduling showings in no time!