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  • Create a showing request in a matter of minutes
  • Secured payment transfer
  • Verified agent license
  • National showing agent coverage
  • Fixed request price
  • Procuring cause waivers (you keep your commission)

Showings with Other Agents

  • Can take hours to find an agent willing to cover a showing for you
  • Agents can steal your clients without you knowing, since they don't sign any documents, unlike Showami agents
  • Agents rely on the requester to pay in a timely manner and through different means
  • Some people pose online as agents, just to take money from unsuspecting agents
  • Your network of agents may only goes so far, whereas Showami has national coverage
  • No need to worry about commission splits or last minute requests for a pay increase

The Struggle Is Real

Asking for help from a fellow agent or posting a request on a company Facebook page isn't the best way to find help with showings.

The first obstacle is time. It takes time to text, call and post your request. You often have to request help from several agents in order to find somebody who can help. They may or may not get back to you in a timely manner.

The agent who is willing might be in a different part of town than where the showing takes place. So you are asking that agent to drop what they are doing, drive halfway across town and back just to show your client.

There's an awkward conversation about payment. How much are they being paid? Do you ask them how much it's worth or do you make an offer and risk them being insulted? Are they doing it as a "favor" and now you owe them one?

Because of it being an awkward conversation, we often don't discuss exactly what they are doing if anything beyond opening the door. Are they giving an opinion of price, location or condition? Are they writing an offer for you? Are they going to ask for part of your commission if you sell the client the house that they showed? Do you have anything in writing to back up what you verbally agreed to?

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