How to Use Showami

For Buyer’s Agents

Log in to Showami and click the My Showing Requests tab to the left of the page. You’ll see two options:

  • My Requests – lists the status of your active showing requests
  • New Requests – where you will enter the date, time, location and buyer contact info of the showing you want
When you request a showing, licensed real estate agents who have signed up to be showing agents in that geographic area will be notified of your request. You also have the ability to request a preferred agent by email. That agent will receive the request first and have the first option to accept the showing. If the preferred agent does not accept the showing, the request will be sent to other showing agents in that area.

You will be notified when a showing agent has accepted the showing request and his or her contact information will be shown on the “My Requests” page. The showing agent will then set up the showing time and date with the seller. Once the showing has been confirmed with the seller/listing agent, you will receive a confirmation text notification. You can also see the showing’s status on your “My Requests” page.

The showing agent will then meet your client at the property for the showing. They are paid to open the door and get them inside the property. They are not to give an opinion of value, condition, or location. Your credit card will be charged upon the successful completion of the showing.

It’s a win-win-win.

You keep your client and your schedule, your client gets access to the home they want to see, and the showing agent makes a few bucks for showing a home close to them.

How to Schedule a Showing

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For Showing Agents

First, create an account with Showami as a showing agent (A.K.A. showing assistant). When a showing comes available in your showing area, you will receive a text from Showami with a link directing you to the Available Showings page. If the showing hasn’t been claimed by another agent, you will see the location, date, and time of the showing along with a button that will allow you to claim the showing.

Once you claim the showing, you will be allowed to see the buyer’s agent’s contact information, along with the buyer’s name and phone number. The “My Showings” page will also tell you if you will be meeting an individual, couple, or family.

It will be your responsibility to schedule the showing through the MLS listing agent and get confirmation that the showing date and time will work for the seller. Once that has been confirmed with the listing agent, you will go back into the app and confirm the showing so the buyer’s agent knows you have approval to show.

At the appointed date and time of the showing, you will arrive, meet the buyer’s client and show them the home. After the showing is over, please tell the buyer’s agent how the showing went and provide any information that you think they would find helpful. You will receive your payment (plus any additional tip per showing) between five and seven days after the showing.

NOTE: This is a way to make from $28 to $367 (plus tips) for showing a home in your area to another agent’s buyer. Just to be clear, you do not share in the commission and you are not getting new clients or prospects. You are paid to show the home, and you have no additional responsibilities beyond that. Please do not give the buyer's client an opinion of value, condition, or location. See the Application End User License Agreement for more on these requirements.

Showing Agent Instructions

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