Appraisal Access

Be the master of your schedule! Let us open the door for appraisers, contractors or maybe a final walk through so you can have more time to do the things you love. Showami connects you with agents that can meet an appraiser at a home and stick around until they are done saving you time and money.

It's fast, easy and reliable! Miscellaneous access to homes comes with your Showami Platinum subscription. The showings are similar to a normal showing except that it has a timeframe that the agents are expected to be at the property. The on-site part of an appraisal takes between 40 minutes and an hour to complete. Showami requires the showing agent to stay on premises during the appraisal and to lock up afterwards.

  • On-Demand Appraiser Access
  • Showing Agent on site during visit
  • Lock up after appraisal is complete

Showing Agent Expectations

Showing agents are not to give an opinion of condition, value or location regarding any homes that they show through our platform.

Schedule Access to an Appraiser

Showami Platinum, makes scheduling appraiser access so easy! You'll have the ability to select a time, send access information, and more. Schedule an agent to open the door for your appraiser today!

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